Fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria

Gulf barramundi fishing and sport fishing frequently asked questions for Anglers seeking to join us…

Fishing Times

We aim to pick our anglers up by 7am and drop off around 5pm. These times can vary as we may need to travel to a different destination; the fish may be going crazy and you might want to stay longer; or you may be so exhausted from catching those beautiful barramundi’s that you need to finish earlier!


Do you have your own fishing tackle or do you need some? By all means, bring your own fishing tackle – we can make room for it on the boat. If you don’t have your own, we can supply first-rate quality tackle to our anglers, including rod & reel – bait casters and spinning rods;  an abundant supply of lures for all types of fishing; and anything else that is needed to ensure you have a great day in the Gulf barramundi fishing. Should our tackle be damaged, lost or broken, then it is the angler’s responsibility to replace immediately.

What to bring

It is very important to protect yourself whilst on the water, so we ask every angler to bring the following:

  • Sunscreen lotion with a high sun protection factor (SPF)
  • Protective clothing – long sleeved shirt, light weight long pants, a good hat (preferably wide brimmed)
  • Sandals/thongs – foot attire that can get wet
  • Polarised sunglasses
  • Camera and/or video camera

*We have raincoats on each boat, however if you would prefer to bring you own, please do

Taking home fish

You can enjoy the taste of your captured fish and eat as much as you like during your fishing trip, however we encourage our anglers to primarily operate with a catch and release motto in mind.

Alcohol on boat

Can you drink on board the boat? Yes. Bring along a couple of beers for your fishing trip, but be mindful that the Fishing Guide will check quantity and type of alcohol coming on board the boat. Spirits will not be accepted and the boat will not commence fishing if there is too much alcohol on board. We are here to enjoy a great day of fishing and want everyone, and everything, to be safe.

The inexperienced angler

If you are asking the question of whether a fishing trip with Carpentaria Barra & Sport Fishing Charters is ‘out of your depth’, then go no further with those thoughts. Our Fishing Guide/s are very experienced in all areas of fishing and are there to mentor and coach you to confidently catch fish and help you understand fishing along the way.

When to go fishing

In the Gulf of Carpentaria we need to be mindful of two things – the NQ wet season from Dec-Mar, and the Gulf barramundi season – open Feb to Oct. Therefore, we aim to fish for barramundi between March to November.

Despite the barramundi closed season, fishing is still an option as long as we’re not targeting barramundi, with any accidental captures of barramundi’s needing to be released. There are plenty of alternative fish to target from fingermark, king salmon, black jewfish, grunter, or billabong fishing for saratogas and tarpon. Please Contact Carpentaria Barra & Sport Fishing Charters to discuss Gulf barramundi fishing and sport fishing options.

How long to come fishing for

This depends greatly on each angler. It could be for 1 day, or it could be up to 7 days. As Carpentaria Barra & Sport Fishing Charters offer a range of it is left up to the angler – see Fishing Options & Packages. The angler needs to satisfy their fishing desires, however at the same time take into consideration their availability, budget and the experience they are seeking.  If you would like to discuss the options in more detail to enable you to make the right decision, then please Contact Carpentaria Barra & Sport Fishing Charters.

Travelling and luggage restrictions

There are a number of travelling options to get you to your fishing destination point with Carpentaria Barra & Sport Fishing Charters:

  • If you like road trips and sightseeing – then vehicle (4WD preferred) is a perfect option
  • If you are stretched for time, then maybe fly in with Skytrans, however please check their flight itinerary as they do not fly into Normanton every day.  Please see our Skytrans link at the bottom of our home page. We can arrange transfer from Normanton to Karumba (if required), for a small collection fee.
  • Or arrange your own direct charter flight direct into Normanton or Karumba. Please contact Hinterland Aviation.
  • Alternatively, you may want to fly in by helicopter. Please contact  Cloncurry Mustering Company.

Luggage restrictions will depend on ‘how’ you arrive into the Gulf of Carpentaria. A quick outline is:

  • By vehicle –whatever fits in your car
  • Skytrans flight – Each passenger is allowed checked baggage of max 20kg and cabin baggage max 6kg. Size dimension also applies. Fishing rods can be taken as part of checked baggage and must not exceed 2 metres.
  • Charter flight – will depend on plane size. Contact charter provider direct
  • Helicopter – discuss with operator


There is a range of accommodation available in Karumba & Normanton, however be sure to book early as it fills very quickly. Check out our Accommodation page for more information on places to stay in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Medical emergency

Our Fishing Guide/s hold a Senior First Aid and CPR certificates and can administer first aid as required. VHF radio is available to contact other vessels, and we also have mobile phone and Satellite phone (long distance trips only).

Contact Us

Carpentaria Barra & Sport Fishing Charters contact details can be found on the Contact Us page. Your enquiry is important to us so please provide us with as much detail as possible so we can meet your requirements. We would love to speak with you personally, so please ensure you provide us with your contact numbers.

If our Fishing Guide/s are ‘out fishing’, please ensure you leave a voice message and we will aim to return your call in the evenings.


For amazing Gulf barramundi fishing and sport fishing adventures, come fishing with one of the leading Fishing Guides in the North.