Fishing in the Gulf: Barra Closures

Fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria

Fishing in the Gulf: Barra Closures

Throughout the Queensland east coast, a closed season applies to barramundi from 1 November to midday 1 February.

Throughout the Gulf of Carpentaria and adjoining waterways west and south of the intersection of longitude 142°09’E with the shore at high tide, a closed season applies to barramundi.

The Gulf of Carpentaria closed seasons for barramundi for 2017 is 7 October 2017 to midday 1 February 2018.

It is prohibited to deliberately target barramundi for catch and release during these closed seasons, as the stress of capture may prevent a fish from spawning.

Any Barramundi caught while fishing during this time must be released as soon as possible.

Read the full details about closures on the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry website.